sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2015


Então quer dizer que aquilo tudo foi medo...

Medo de sofrer
Medo de amar

... Medo de confiar de novo.

Quer dizer que você reseta suas emoções.

Tudo por causa do medo.

Confia, minha filha. Confia e segue em frente.

A warm heart can make a sunshine even at Canada.

sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015

Une fleur unique au monde...

Two specials things for today: First post of 2015 and I am writing in English in my blog for the first time hahaha.

There are some few things that I want to write but I am not sure if they will be clearly understood.

First, the time is in a rush this year.
I just blinked my eyes for few seconds and January is done. I couldn’t breathe or even sleep but this month was a source of situations that provided to me different emotions, understandings/misunderstandings, and expansion of consciousness with/out meditation.  

Second, I am an expert now to see patterns everywhere, everyone.
My memory started to analyze it all time, such as my thoughts, the way that I treat people and they treated me, my actions, how my body reacts in some situations, and my non actions. The interesting fact is: I am getting used to do it.
I cannot know if the patterns happen because I’m not changing or people who I am related have a very similar behavior or life is just it and the problem is with me not with them.
Can I say that I am too serious? Yes… I have been seen this behavior in myself. Too serious to understand that sometimes the best thing to do is do not give so much attention for jokes that can hurt me. Too serious for just let it go.

Third, I am writing in my thoughts since last year.
… I made a list with all important notes in my mind about you; all of them are just my perceptions, but sometimes the correlation with the reality is so high that scared me.  

Maybe I am a non common human being, too crazy to be like this. For example, I am practicing since I was a child how to avoid prejudice and how to manage my thoughts in a way to direct my view to the most embracing and flexible possible point.
Now I am learning how to do it with integrity; linking my believed thoughts and the freedom to accept others points of view.

I am learning every single day how to be better than yesterday.